How to Start a Goat Farming Business in Bangladesh

Goat Farming Business in Bangladesh

Goat Farming Business in Bangladesh

Although commercial goat farming business is gaining popularity day by day, goat farming in Bangladesh is already an established and profitable business model. As goats are small sized livestock animal, it’s very easy to raise some goats. Even with their regular work, the woman and children can also raise and take care of them easily along. The popularity of this business is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh as goat farming is an established highly profitable business idea.

When human populations are growing, they are creating a significant and increasing need for additional animal protein foods. This is because the goat could play an important part in meeting these requirements. Also, among the other businesses, it’s one of the finest and established livestock control division in the country. And it has a good future if you start with proper steps.

Why Start a Goat Farming Business in Bangladesh

Whatever you say advantages or reasons are many to start a goat farming business in Bangladesh. Here are some of them that are the main benefits of the business:

  • As goats are small livestock animal, they require less space and care than cattle.
  • It’s very easy and simple to take care and management process of a goat.
  • There is a loan facility with free training from the government side.
  • Since goats are multi-purpose small sized livestock animal, they are suitable for commercial milk, meat, fiber, skin and manure production.
  • In comparison with other animal, goats require less living space, care, and additional facilities.
  • With management, care, housing and feeding, they can manage themselves.
  • There are less Infrastructure, feeding, treatment and other production costs.
  • According to its weather, climate and other circumstances, highly productive goat breeds are available and suitable for farming in Bangladesh.
  • Although goats are smaller in size, they reach slaughter age faster.
  • For consuming goat products like meat and milk, there are no religious obligations or taboo.

Steps to Start a Goat Farming Business in Bangladesh

Although setting up a small-scale goat farm is very easy, you have to make a proper plan and use them perfect for large-scale commercial production. Don’t worry because we’re going to describing the steps for setting up commercial goat farming business in Bangladesh. If you follow these steps then you should be successful in this business.

First Step: Business Plan

It’s a must for starting a goat farming business to make a suitable and effective business plan. And it’s very necessary to make a proper goat farming business plan before starting this business as goat farming is a proven highly profitable business idea.

So, before investing your money in this market, make a clear and up to date plan. Also, this business not only requires less capital but investment than raising any other livestock. Although you can start goat farming business with a very small investment, you will get more profits than any other livestock farming projects.

Second Step: Location

It’s most important to select a suitable farm location for starting goat farming in Bangladesh. If you can set up the farm near to your house and far from the residential areas then it will be better for commercial production. Otherwise, for setting up a goat farming business, almost all places of Bangladesh are suitable.

But, keep in mind the necessary facilities that are very urgent proper growth and maximum production while selecting a location for setting up the farm. Moreover, good housing, grazing place, fresh water source, veterinary services, good transportation system, a suitable market etc is the necessary facilities for goat farming in Bangladesh.

Also, you should consider some facilities if you want to start this business regarding the location are below:

  • The location should have a great source of sufficient clean and fresh water.
  • It must have to be suitable for crop, grass and other green plant production.
  • The location needs enough grazing space.
  • It will be effective if there is a market near the farm location.
  • The location must have good transportation facilities.
  • Availability of all types of necessary veterinarian service
  • Consider choosing rural areas.
  • The location should be free from all types of pollution and noise.

Third Step: Goat Breeds

Another most important part of your commercial goat farming business in Bangladesh is to select the proper breeds. But, determine what type of products you want to produce before selecting proper breeds. And try to understand what type of goat products has a huge demand by visiting your nearest local market. So, you can start raising dairy goats if goat milk has a huge demand in the area. Besides, there is a huge demand in the local and international market for goat meat.

That’s why for commercial production, you can easily choose any highly meat productive goat breeds. Then, choose suitable breeds for determining your desired production. In this case, Black Bengal goat is not only a native Bangladeshi goat breed but it’s highly meat productive deshi goat breed. Apart from this, the meat of Black Bengal goat is very tasty as well.

Among other top meat, providing breeds are like-

  • Boer goat
  • Sirohi
  • Saanen
  • Jamunapari

Fourth Step: Housing

Although most of the small-scale goat farmer of Bangladesh used to keep their goats with other livestock animals, for commercial production, you must have to make a proper house for your goats. And the most important part of commercial goat farming business in Bangladesh is to make a suitable housing system.

All types of adverse environment and predators get away if there is a good housing system. Besides, stall feeding is system is very effective for commercial production. That’s why keeping in mind this factor, you to build a house for goats.

Fifth Step: Feeding

Use well balanced and nutritious food to feed your goats. And the feed should have all types of necessary vitamins, minerals, salt etc. Also, make sure that the feed has the proper amount of protein.

Apart from these feed, supply them a sufficient amount of green grasses or other green plants. But, avoid feeding them date expired or contaminated food with their regular food. And try to serve them a sufficient amount of clean and fresh water along with providing high-quality nutritious food.