How to Start Jeans Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh

Start Jeans Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh

Jeans Manufacturing Business

One of the preeminent textile businesses in Bangladesh and even in the international market is jeans manufacturing business. Ready-made jeans garments are catching up huge popularity over the tailor-made jeans clothes in recent times. Because of the huge middle-class population and change in fashion trends, the business of ready-made garments is experiencing huge growth.

Although teens and young people prefer to wear jeans with shirts and t-shirts, they even match jeans with Punjabis and blazers. Regardless of all age group, genders and classes, denim jeans are one of the favorite choices in casual wears.

Those who want to step into the shoes of entrepreneurship, small-scale jeans manufacturing is a great idea for them. However, it requires a thorough understanding of the business and labor laws while opening a new business manufacturing jeans.

Market Potential of Jeans Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh

You need adequate knowledge about textile designing and current trend if you want to start denim or jeans manufacturing business in Bangladesh. Jeans manufacturing project can be initiated as a small-scale basis with proper planning and substantial capital investment.

As casual or informal dress among all type of people, jeans nowadays are very popular apparel.

Also, day-by-day the popularity and demand of jeans both are increasing. The demand for jeans met through import and domestic production in a country like Bangladesh.

Either distributing or by opening their own retail stores, small-business owners may be able to generate stable profit levels from selling their manufactured jeans.

And as staple clothing items, jeans, jean skirts, and other denim apparel are always in demand.

Steps to Start Jeans Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh

You’ll have to decide on how you want to market your end product and register your new business as prospective jeans manufacturing business owner.

When we talk about jeans, there were a few minor exceptions. As it could be tethered out of harm’s way, these clothes often had leading strings sewn in them.

So, when you’re in this business you have to go with various steps. Well, let’s know what the steps are to follow while starting a jeans manufacturing company in Bangladesh.

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First Step: Business Plan

It’s a must to craft a detailed business plan while starting a jeans manufacturing business. You should decide what type of jeans that you’ll produce in your company. As there are jeans pant, jacket, skirts etc, you should decide whether you will be making only men’s wear or will be catering the whole.

You’ll need to calculate the startup capital investment including machines, raw materials, manpower, and marketing expenses according to the product.

Also, determining the marketing strategy is another part of your business plan. You should decide either you’ll be creating your own brand or will produce the products for other brands. Also, it comes with the potential amount you need and how to get the amount.

Second Step: Market Research

You should research the market thoroughly so that you can find out what people are already doing. If you talk to other designers and prospective customers then you can take a look at what jeans styles and designs are coming out of design hubs.

Along with taking note of your likes and dislikes, styles and trends will vary from place to place. And when you’ll research your market for jeans manufacturing business you’ll have to get the answer to the questions including:

  • Who you’re trying to reach
  • Who your ideal customers are
  • How you’ll develop your sizing and,
  • How you’ll differentiate yourself

Third Step: Make a Must-Have Item

As the market for jeans manufacturing business crows, you’ll need to differentiate yourself. This is why you must figure out what your must-have item will be, whether it’s a jean jacket or Flares of Boyfriend jeans.

It’s that you’ll start to develop and market as it will be your flagship product. In this case, you can sketch it out or hire someone to design it for you. Although it doesn’t need to be fancy, you’ll need a visual illustration for the next step in the process.

Fourth Step: Design a Prototype

It will help you be able to talk about it with potential buyers while developing a sample of your garment. As these often are expensive, be prepared to pay an upfront cost for this.

You can research and interview potential manufacturers for producing your garment when you have a prototype. If you want a good relationship with your manufacturer then shop around and don’t settle.

Start thinking about how you’ll raise revenue through investments from friends and family, loans or from your own personal money to prepare for manufacturing.

Fifth Step: Required Skills Machinery

You need to have adequate knowledge to operate a jeans manufacturing business in a successful way. The knowledge should have that are regarding textile designing and the current fashion trend in the market.

Although the manufacturing process will completely depend on the high skilled labors, you need to have the complete knowledge of the same as an owner of the business.

And if you’re in lack of the skills then you can join fashion designing courses. On the other hand, you’ll need a number of machines for the manufacturing process in jeans manufacturing business:

  • Folding machine
  • Stitching Machine
  • Stain removing machine
  • Cutting machine
  • Machine for washing
  • Embroidery machine
  • Lapping trolley
  • Ironing machine
  • Overlock machine
  • Printing machine
  • Logo making machine
  • Computer with printer and others

Sixth Step: Business Marketing

You can create a website where people can go to buy your brand’s jeans at the starting of your business. After that, you should use social media and word of mouth to drive people to your site.

Apart from these, you can contact fashion bloggers and influencers and ask them to review your garment. And the online commerce market is where you have an opportunity to really expand your brand while it’s great to have your jeans business.

Anyway, marketing or business promotion is very essential. If you have a strategically prepared promotional campaign then it can help to spread the brand name along with the economic promotion. And if you want to know the detailed process of the registration of jeans manufacturing business then contact your local administrator.