How to Start Layer Chicken Farming Business

Start Layer Chicken Farming Business

Raising egg-laying poultry birds for the purpose of commercial egg production is known as layer chicken farming business. Layer chicken farming business is so common and profitable business nowadays. Layer chicken is mainly a species of hens. They start laying eggs commercially from 18-19 weeks of their age.

Start Layer Chicken Farming Business

They remain to lay eggs continuously till their 72-78 weeks of age and so on. They can produce the totally o1 kg of eggs by consuming about 2.25 kg of food during their egg laying time. Producing hybrid eggs layer, consider the various characteristics of cock and hen before breeding. There are various types of highly egg productive layer breeds available throughout the world nowadays.

Steps to start the layer chicken farming business:

1) Choose the breed:

There are two kinds of layer chicken breed according to their eggs color. Commercial production of eggs, you are correct layers high. Females are not equal in the number of eggs of all kinds. Selected species can be good.

2) Keeping chicks:
In the first week after birth, many women from one place to another does not want to drink water. So you need to fix breeders, drinking enough water, drinking water, you have to pay for their education costs. The 5% glucose solution mixed with water, so they can easily get the energy. All types are mixed to provide water (dissolved electricity production recommended guidelines) quality vitamins. The transfer of vitamins and electrolytes is very effective when it is away from the chicken. It reduces fatigue and lack of water, and to help normal chick.

3) Vaccination and the importance of Immunization programs for girls to keep free from all kinds of diseases is a necessity. Here is the main feature of bird vaccination.

The immune system’s ability vaccines require chicken time.
Please help the disease infected chickens in poultry.
And it will reduce the spread of this disease.
It is reduced mortality.
Low mortality rates = more energy = more profits.

4) Providing good food

Feed the chickens white commercial production. You can buy in the local market or nutrients that can nourish your home. Are you sure that you have the necessary nutrients that feed should be rich to obtain? Proteins and minerals are very important for laying hens.

Calcium 2% of their salaries for two weeks after birth. If they do not realize that they are gaining weight as expected, use for eight weeks, then you need a diet beginning.
It was fed up to 18 weeks of age two or three times per day.
Very fast demand growth to feed the birds begins to lay eggs.
Depending on the age and weight of feed for poultry layer.
He said that even though (although weight gain) is not to reduce the amount of food.

5) Water management
Poultry drinking water clean health depends on, You need to provide an adequate amount of water according to the requirements of laying hen. Water purification was mixed with 0.3 grams per liter bleaching. Place the pot with water to a suitable place in the housing. During the summer and the cold of winter or the heat, and a little warmth in the cold water.

Depending on the age and type of chicken, chicken can flour weight. A good supply of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other applications. Clean water for use in the form of powder or bleaching chlorine. If you follow the above procedure, then you can get a good level of poultry for-profit company.