How to Start Mushroom Farming Business

Start Mushroom Farming Business


A Mushroom farming business is such a business you can make a profit within 6 weeks. Starting your own business growing oyster mushrooms for profit is fairly easy. How to start the Mushroom business in six step is giving below elaborately. This will must help you to get a good and success in the mushroom business field.

Start Mushroom Farming Business

  1. Get an egg layeryou have to start the egg into a culture. Be able to produce with the use of sterile eggs from their own culture or eggs are ready to plant. Made by buying suppliers. Perhaps his production over the long term. The initial cost may be high and making the possibility of buying eggs directly inoculated way to go for you.

    You also need to buy level. Many manufacturers of straw or sawdust. Usually preferred by Amnesty International. If you want to know what is the straw that can be cut into small pieces.

    2. Preparation level

    first, small pieces of chopped straw. Hay and wet. Now it’s time to heat the water boiled hay. Boiling lasts for one hour. Then remove and let the straw. Distributed on straw on a clean surface and allow to cool.

    3. Bag plastic packaging

    now it’s time to pack it in a plastic bag with a straw and eggs. Straw in two plastic bags or three inches above the container and sprinkle the eggs. If it was not crowded to repeat on the bag. Making holes in the bag and close the top.

    4. Egg hatches

    now is the time for incubation. Grow up to about 78 degrees Fahrenheit, instead of the net assembly. Do not let the natural light in the room. Do not forget to stop the threat. Windows and cracks document. A ‘space’ for the use of red light when you need to check your bag. Near the small air hole in your pocket when you start fried mushrooms noticed when you’re ready to take the next step.

    5. Fruiting

    High humidity is required for fruit in your room. And separated from the incubation at room temperature 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit once requires really a lot of natural light, for 12 hours at least. Mycelium, which, he said, and fertility, such as a basement or other cool place for a day bag in a cool place, removed, and then the return of fruiting plants from the site removed. Bag, grow mushroom slices.

    6. Choose

    Before the mold, and it was completely open when it’s harvest time. To this end, the trunk grows around the block as close as you’re able to run. Now I have been cultivating mushrooms.

    SITA e-book cover large you company serving only six easy steps, you can begin to grow oyster mushrooms. Shellfish farming, to learn all the basics, reading for pleasure culture of gourmet mushrooms.