How to Start Pigeon Farming Business

How to Start Pigeon Farming Business

How to Start Pigeon Farming Business


Pigeon Farming Business has the opportunity to get a good feedback. For success in Pigeon farming business, you should know how to start pigeon farming business in proper and best way. Using modern rearing techniques and take good care of your birds are the main key to cut a good profit. Here we are describing more about the advantages of pigeon farming and steps for starting this lucrative business.

At the primary stage of starting pigeon farming business, you should keep the pigeon pair together in a new home. If it is not possible, at least keep the same number of a male and female pigeon in a common home indeed.

Must do:

1. Provide good and healthy food regularly

2. Provide enough amount of water

3. Sick and sick looking one should separate immediately

Feed and take caring

1. If you do not feed grain or feed business must:
– Whole grains, good or not crushed
– Will there be a sufficient amount of vitamin blend
– Shapes, beetles and insects and damage free

2. Food seeds, corn, corn, soybeans, rice, and vegetables (Mongo) can be made.

3. Keep food in a place where you can eat every day. Apart from food grains.

4. When the number, they do not eat a lot of eggs until they hatch their consent.

As the child grows, it eats quite leave enough time to grow faster and faster sales.

It will not be sold after the date of release within a month, or weight, and the movement in the cell, where they are free to respond and give them plenty of food, and is growing rapidly lose.

Grade ensure:
1st class – 500 grams
Broiler – no more than 50 days
Free from bruises, cuts or insect bites
Feathers clean and bright


Pigeons such as bathing, so their capacity with water for bathing should be 7.5 cm. I have two or three times a week to swim in the morning, when the weather is nice.

After it is removed by washing.

In addition, (the beach), with sand and shells and a small clean to pick up where they can provide their own stones roll.

When are often wash the bathroom, they are strong against the pests. For the prevention of pests and diseases, but also to consult with your veterinarian.

Deaf age limit

Remove 25% of birds every year, and replaced with new ones, so that they can grow. Take half of 5-6 weeks. Or it can produce bathroom progressive 10 chicks per year.