How to Start a Poultry farm in Bangladesh

How to Start a Poultry farm in Bangladesh


Poultry farm in Bangladesh is not so old rather primitive idea. But very often knows that poultry farm in Bangladesh can be a great income source. This is all about to the entrepreneurs how to start a poultry firm in Bangladesh. Poultry farm in Bangladesh changed a lot of people’s fate and it will continue to do miracle change.

Commercial poultry farm, you need to take the necessary steps to start something. The commercial poultry industry, and describes the steps necessary to start here.

Choose the farm site

Poultry, the first step to begin to choose a suitable location. Away from home, in a quiet environment at home or in another place, it can start breeding.

For the first time choose the ground, taking into account the following advantages.


*It’s quiet and peaceful place without the chaos and noise of all kinds.

* The actual size depends on the number of birds and plans for the future.

* Teaches effective to produce a selection of ground.

* In spite of the elections, with a fresh and clean environment, in an attempt to determine the region.

* Clean, fresh water, a major source of agricultural land.

* Must be selected areas free from all forms of predators and insects.

* Highly effective transport system.

* Sale to buy goods and your goods from the farm to the niche markets

Select the appropriate cropping systems

This system is suitable for the following three commercial birds. Climate in the agricultural system


Full system

Semi-intensive system

Methods of intensive farming and birds.

Choose from poultry breed according to very fruitful

There are many types of high-duck in the world. Some people are very suitable for business purposes, depending on weather and climate. If poultry meat and egg production can begin to grow. Choosing the right product was required for the product. Almost too traditional and ducks are given below.


Broiler: The types of broiler poultry from commercial products. It is grown primarily for the production of meat. The rapid increase in the consumption of food by a specific amount.

Caller: There is no other form of poultry production. Commercially bred for meat production. They are very strong, and the market there is a special request.

Layers: layers are used for industrial production of eggs. It was found that the duck eggs more than a year can bring 280-320 are a certain level.

Housing Criteria

Free-range poultry requires a large part of the farm in  Bangladesh. While barn and learn how to build a chicken coop is not suitable for the production of a wide range of breeding birds.


* Good ventilation is a prerequisite for healthy chickens. Thus, the production of poultry and well-ventilated.

* In the air of the house and enough to keep the plants cool slightly and clean is essential for glamor.

* Try homes in the south. This ensures an adequate supply of fresh air and cooling will help prevent air.


Poultry farm is the easiest step in marketing. You can sell products from the local market. Today, the number of poultry export of Bangladesh gain currency.


Poultry farm is a lucrative business in Bangladesh. It plays an important role in eradicating poverty and unemployment.