How to Start Rabbit Farming Business in Bangladesh

Rabbit Farming Business in Bangladesh

How to Start Rabbit Farming Business in Bangladesh

Rabbit farming business is a fun, interesting and profitable income source in Bangladesh. As per the contexts of Bangladesh, we have to find out different ways of food production to fulfill the food demand for a growing population.

Although the rabbit is known as “Micro-Livestock”, it can be a great source of food production. So, it can be a great source of income and employment while doing a rabbit farming business in Bangladesh.

Also, rabbits not only need a small place for living but less food for surviving as well. Moreover, the meat of the rabbit is full of protein, energy, calcium, and vitamin than any other types of animal meat.

Apart from these, the meat contains cholesterol, fat, and sodium is also less than other meat. Besides, their meet is as tasty and nutritious as easily digestible for all aged people. And their meat is free of religious taboos.

Why Start a Rabbit Farming Business in Bangladesh

Because rabbits are a fast reproducing primate, it’s considered as a prolific breeder with an average gestation of 3 months. Although they produce flesh which contains fewer amounts of fat and cholesterol, their meat contains a high amount of protein. As most of the people of Bangladesh live in villages, rabbit rearing is easier in the rural context.

Moreover, they need a little medication is required for the wellness and they eat grass, vegetables, household vegetable wastage. Also, apart from the household chores as a part of income generating activities, village women can rear rabbit beside.

Besides, as there is no religious restriction to eat rabbit meat and it’s beneficial for health, rabbit meat can be exported as well. That’s why in the country context of Bangladesh, this is a great business idea.

Advantages of Starting a Rabbit Farming Business in Bangladesh

The commercial rabbit farming business has many advantages. Below are some of them that are the main benefits of rabbit farming:

  • Among many other animals, rabbits grow faster.
  • They consume less food than other animals.
  • Every time a female rabbit can birth about 2 to 8 kids.
  • They require a short space.
  • Compared to other large sized animals, their production costs are less.
  • As their meat is tasty, all aged people can eat without any problem.
  • Their meat is free of all religious taboos.
  • Rabbits are placed after poultry in case of meat production.
  • The commercial rabbit farming needs less capital and labor in comparison to other animal farming business.
  • It’s one of the highly profitable businesses.

Steps to Start Rabbit Farming Business

Although people usually raise rabbits as pets, they are raising them commercially, can be a great source of income and a smart way of employment.

Despite poultry and beef are controlling the huge demands, the annual demand for meat is increasing rapidly. In this case, to meet up this demand commercial rabbit production can play a very important role. But, like all other businesses, rabbit farming business also requires some steps to follow. Well, let’s know the steps below:

First Step: Rabbit Breeds

If you find then you’ll find many rabbit breeds available throughout the world. Depending on the availability of breeds in your area, you can choose a proper breed for your production. For the highly productive and popular breeds, you can choose the breed like-

  • Dark Gray,
  • Fox,
  • Dutch,
  • New Zealand White,
  • Belgium White
  • New Zealand Black,
  • New Zealand Red,
  • Chinchilla

Second Step: Rabbit Farming Methods

Basically, there are two main methods to farm rabbit like deep litter and cage farming. Let’s know about them in short:


Deep Litter Method

If you want to raise a few numbers of rabbits then this method is suitable for you. And this method requires a concrete floor.

You have to make 4 to 5 inches depth litter using husk, hay, straw or wood shavings. Also, you can raise a maximum of 30 rabbits in a house in this method. In this case, you should keep the male rabbits in a separate room from the female. But, the risk of getting diseases is high in this method.


Cage Method

Cage method is the best for commercial rabbit farming business. The rabbits are kept in a cage, which is made with wire or iron plate in this system.

If you want to raise a maximum number of rabbits then cage system is very useful. Without the breeding period, keep the male and female rabbits separated from each other.

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Third Step: Feeding

Depending on the rabbit’s age and breed type, feed consuming rate and nutrient requirements vary. Their food should contain 17 to 18 percent crude protein, 14 percent fiber, 7 percent minerals and 2700 kilocalorie/kg of metabolic energy for proper nutrition of adult rabbits.

Among the common foods, they usually, eat green leafy vegetables, seasonal vegetable, spinach, carrots, Muller, cucumber, green grass, and vegetable wastes. But, you can serve them poultry feed for commercial purpose. So, supply them a sufficient amount of clean and fresh water according to their demand in accordance with providing nutritious feed.

Fourth Step: Breeding

Usually, within their 5 to 6 months of age, rabbits become mature and suitable for the breeding purpose. But, avoid using the male rabbits for breeding purpose not before they reach their first birthday.

If you do this way then it will ensure the quality of the young rabbits for commercial production. Also, always consider using the use of healthy rabbits with proper body weight for breeding. But, if they are ill then you should not breed the females. And provide them nutritious feed and take special care to the breeding male and pregnant female rabbits.

Fifth Step: Marketing

Marketing rabbit farming business is not so easy in some areas of Bangladesh, but it’s essential though. So, if you determine your marketing plan before starting then it will be better. In this case, you can consider trying your nearest town or local markets.

You can make maximum profit form your rabbit farming through proper care and management. Apart from taking to take good care of your animals and feed them quality nutritious food, keep their house clean and purchase healthy breeds for starting. This way, you can make your business profitable and sustainable.

Some Other Essential Steps to Start a Rabbit Farming Business
  • A well-researched business plan
  • Source of the business capital
  • Legal requirements for commercial farming
  • Market research