How to Start a Small Business in the Philippines in 2018

Start a Small Business in the Philippines in 2018

Start a Small Business in the Philippines in 2018


Get some ideas to start a small business in the proper way in the Philippines in 2018.  If you want to start a small business in the Philippines in 2018 you should start to make a plan on it from now. It is really a good idea to start a small business as an entrepreneur. Obviously, Philippines is enough suitable country to start a small business in 2018. Before of starting a small business, if you study and gain knowledge on how to start a small business in the Philippines in 2018, your chance of success may progress better than other. It will also help you to take a decision which small business and what criteria you should know before starting a business in the Philippines.

Here are talking about some points which help you to make your small business on track from the beginning. Some of these as like,

1) A clear idea of the business goal.

2) The decision on the business theme.

3) Place selection.

4) Money or investment capability

5) Legal requirements

6) Market feasibility

7) Advertisement

8) Marketing skill

9) Professionalism &

10) Honesty and dedication


Clear idea of business goal

A clear idea of the business goal is the first and foremost duty to start a small business in the Philippines. As a business owner, you have to know and fixed up your goal. Without knowing why and how you run the business than nothing will go well. Your goal is to help you to achieve success step by step. It helps you to grow your business, achieve your objectives of the business, and improve teamwork and collaboration. Finally and most importantly it helps everyone understand the direction your business is heading in.

Decision on business theme

On which theme you want to run your business go through, you should first make the decision on it. This is so important for making a small business. There are a lot of issue and materials on which you can go through your small business to start. From a lot of option, you must be fixed an exact theme or subject on this you run your business. As an example, before starting a small business in the Philippines you have to decide that you do food van business or cloth business. This decision may take upon analyzing various types of demand or choice and opportunity.

Place selection

The success of a business depends on place selection. On which place you select for run your business its most and most important segment. Like you will do food van, street food or restaurant business so you should make sure that your business stall is situated beside an industrial area or local gathering place. If you do cloth business but you chose an area to do your business in a place that is located a rural area or poor locality surely you must pay for your worst decision of that.

Money or investment capability

For starting a business you cannot skip this point. Starting a small business may demand a little amount of money to invest. But demand surely so you have to confirm your capability for investment. If you do not have sufficient fund you can apply for local bank loan.

Legal requirements

There are some kinds of small business that require legal requirements. Something like your legal papers of ownership of your business place, or it may permission to do selective business. If you do pharmacy business you must have the permission paper for running that business.

Market feasibility

It is also a matter of analyzing and research that mostly help anyone to do prosper in his business. Without analysis of market feasibility, one can never know what business cut the supreme demand in the market and have a chance to make a handsome profit. According to Philippines environment and peoples nature, their marketplace and feasibilities are build up.


This draws an amazing importance in the business field. The advertisement is also a business by itself but it also helps to do a lot of help in small business in the Philippines. It attracts people with one’s business theme and insists them to buy. Consume part has a great dependence on the advertisement.

Marketing skill

He/ She has the chance more to do good profit through his small business who are most skilled in marketing. Though it is a part of advertising it demands more. It also indicates how to cooperate, behave and deal with customers. Choosing business subject or place or something else about business.

Professionalism in your business

It demands an extraordinary demand form who is doing business. With professionalism, one can do far better than others. It is kinda characteristic which invokes one to deal his business with his business. Such an important segment that is. One, who has professionalism must fulfill each and every demand and requirements of his business.

Honesty and dedication

This is a primary and basic quality that have to practice with a business owner. Small business can be modified as big and well only by honesty and dedication. Without dedication, none business can go well.

All of this requirements will help you to start a small business in the Philippines. It should know and apply in one’s small business indeed.