Tips for Fish Farming Business

Tips for Fish Farming Business

Tips for Fish Farming Business

Do you know how to start fisheries? With the aim of earning money, people are trying to do business by earning a lot of money and making good money. If you see in the growing market in our country, this sign indicates that there are many such businesses here, which can earn a lot of good money. Many businesses are based on the weather, then they continue throughout the year.

Today’s time has come that due to lack of rainfall, the quantity of water is decreasing. Due to the shortage of water, crops of farmers have to suffer a lot. As well as living creatures who only live on the water, they are also decreasing. Due to lack of livelihood like fish, the business of fish farming has taken a new look.

Fisheries industry is being developed by fisheries in many villages and other cities. The growing demand for fish is a good place for the fisheries industry in any country’s market. Due to the diversity of climate all over the world, fisheries has become a profitable business in the world.

Demand for fishing is increasing because the fish is considered the source of most protein. From fish we get many types of products, which include meat, fish oil etc. There are many diseases in our body which are corrected by fish oil. The demand for fish is very high.

This business has got a place in every state of India and at the good level, this business is being done in which people are earning lakhs of rupees annually. You can also start fishing by making a pond or tank. In this article, I would like to tell you what you need for a fishing business.

What to do for fishing business?

Friends, to start fisheries, the first thing that needs to be invested is to invest. If we talk of investment, then the government is helping a large extent to invest in it. You also know the name of blue revolution is taken to promote fish production and according to the government’s plan, if you make ponds in the area of one hectare for fisheries, then the central government will give Tk 5 lakh and also 25. The state government will support the percentage.

This means that the Government will help you. You just have to make arrangements for the remaining money. For fishing, you must first make a pond or tank in which fish can be fished. At least 40 thousand takas is spent in 0.1-hectare pond. After that, you need a fish seed, which you can buy as much as 5 or 10 thousand taka as much as you need. After that, the fish diet must be arranged. You will have to manage the jets to get the ponds in the pond for safety.

Which breed fish need and where do they get?

You do not understand that you can do business by raising the fish of every race. It is important to take care of the fish before you follow the fish, which breed should be of the breed. Friends are good breeds for fishing, there are breeds of Ruhi, Silver carp, Katla, Mrigal, Grass carp, and Carmen carp etc. and you have to buy these breeds for fisheries.

Now, in your mind, the question will be to buy fish seeds from where? Friends, you do not need to worry, for this you can contact the Fisheries Development Agency of your district. It happens in every district and from here you can get more information about it.

How to fish?

Training is provided by the government for fisheries. Whether you want to do this training for better fisheries. Fisheries are a great way to do scientifically. If you do this training then it will be better for you. Keep the pond clean and clean before starting fish farming.

After that, you have to put the fish seed in water. After that, you have to take full care of their diet if you have fish. You have to put the husk and chana husk fish on regular basis. As a good diet, you can also add the feed found on the market. You can also add fishes to the fish. When the fish grow up you can sell them.

How to prepare a diet for fish?

Friends, there are many such foods for fisheries that you can make yourself sitting at home. For the diet of fish, it is best that you prepare rice flour. Then after adding some quantity of water to the rice flour, you made his pills. The flour pills also give to the fish. With this, you will get the manure around you. After that, you can prepare the mustard husk in the house itself.

When and how to remove the fish?

Friends, as we said, the fish gets weighed one or a half kg within a year. As the fish weighs one to a kilo kilogram, it is understood that the fish is ready to go to your market. You do not have to use such a web that will cause the fish to get injured because after such a situation the fish start to rot. After the removal of the fish, you have to send them to the market as soon as possible. On one side, two people will be caught by trapping the trap and keep in mind that other small fish do not harm them and try to bring those fish in large numbers.

How much profit will be earned?

After investing 25 percent for land etc., let’s assume 5 thousand fish in your pond or tank, and within 1 year whenever the fish gets big or they weigh around one kilo, then they If you sell kg per 100 taka, you get 5 lakh taka for 5 thousand fish. That is, if your profit is seen in the month of the month, then you also earn more than 40 thousand taka. So you have also understood that how much profit you have in fisheries.

These things have to be taken care of

In addition to fisheries, you have to take care of many things. Before constructing a tank or a tank, clean the place properly and there should not be a skeleton etc. The pond should be made keeping in mind the rain.

Create a pond at the place where there is good sunshine. Before constructing the pond, you must check the soil so that you do not have to suffer the loss after formation of the pond. Stop the insects coming to the fish near the fish.

Take care of fish from non-vegetarian animals, eat fish, otherwise, you will not have a single fish. Always keep the water clean so that they can get the right amount of oxygen.

Fish can die if they do not get oxygen. Provide food to the fish regularly. From time to time, the fish continued to check because the diseases spread in fish during the winter season. Many times the poisonous gas gets in the water so that all the ponds can die, so you have to be cautious. Choose the best breed for fishing.

Fisheries business can be done well along with cultivation. Never keep negligence in the maintenance of fish and keep on caring for them every day. If you need more information for fisheries then you can take full information from the people of your district’s fishing officer or those who are involved in fisheries business.

Give the fish a clean diet and give food to a certain amount of food. Be cautious of fishing people because many people can damage the fish in your pond with the intention of fishing. You have to make arrangements for the safety of the pond.

Always keep in mind that the amount of water is not getting much more. In the event of decreasing you have to arrange water. Keeping these things in mind, you start the fishing business. So friends today we know how we can start the fishing business.

In summing up, I can assure you if you follow these tips, you will get success in this lucrative business surely.