Tips for Poultry Equipment – The Ultimate Guide to Start Poultry Farm

Tips for Poultry Equipment

Tips for Poultry Equipment – The Ultimate Guide to Start Poultry Farm


Poultry equipment is very necessary for fruitful poultry farming.  As poultry farming is a great source of earning, many people of different countries are being encouraged in poultry farming day after day.  The world’s population is growing fast, so the demand for animal protein is also growing very fast.  To fulfill the demand of animal protein, only the poultry farming can meet this demand. Poultry equipment is needed for a successful poultry business. In this article, I would like to discuss some essential tips related to poultry equipment for a successful poultry farm. The description of the equipment is given below-

Poultry Housing

Poultry Housing is the mandatory elements for poultry farming business. You can make poultry house in many ways. The house can be made of a concrete house or maybe a simple house. There must have the necessary advantages for the poultry chickens whatever the house is. The poultry house should have the conveniences of well ventilation and well daylight management. The distance from one house to another house would be 10-15 feet. You have to follow some basic information while making poultry house or chicken coop.

  • You should have to keep the poultry house dry and clean.
  • You have to establish the poultry house in an open air place.
  • You have to keep your liter of the house at least 3-inch depth.
  • You have to use wood powder, sand or tosh as a liter.
  • You have to add half kg lime powder to the liter.
  • You have to change the litter of your house after one week.
  • You should never keep your poultry house wet and
  • You can rear chicken in an open place. But it is only possible in the free range poultry farming system.

Poultry Incubator

An incubator is a type of poultry equipment used for hatching the birds’ egg in an artificial way. Normally, the poultry birds are used to hatch the egg for a few numbers of eggs. But in case of a large number of eggs, the poultry farmers need an incubator to hatch the eggs. Various types of egg incubators are seen in the world such as Diesel and electric incubator, the two renowned incubators in the world.


Poultry Feeder

The feeder is necessary for feeding the poultry birds. Generally, foods are kept in the feeder and the chickens begin to eat food from there. Normally, plastic or metal feeders are used mostly for feeding the poultry birds you have to keep the feeder neat and clean for the good health of your poultry birds. You have to provide enough feeders in your poultry house in accordance with the number of the poultry birds.


Water Pot

The Water Pot is necessary for supplying water to the poultry cage. You have to provide clean and fresh water for the poultry birds and keep the water pot clean regularly. There are many types of water pots such as a simple water pot, pipeline and drop water system.


A Heater is used to keep the poultry birds warm. It is very essential for poultry farming. You can use bulb, heater or other heating equipment for warming up your poultry cage.

Laying Nests

Laying nests are essential equipment for the poultry birds to lay eggs. Laying nests enhance the egg production and assist the producers to collect eggs from their nests.

Egg Handling Cages

Egg handling nests or cages are types of cages that are used to transport eggs from one place to another place. You will need egg handling nests for marketing purposes as they decrease the risk of damaging eggs.



You have to use barriers in free-range poultry farming system. Fencing will protect the poultry birds from all types of predators. You can also use wire for fencing purposes.


You have to use the neat, clean and dry floor for the good health of your poultry birds. Besides, you can use wire net on the floor in indoor farming methods.


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Poultry Coops and Cages

If you want to run a small scale poultry business, you have to buy ready- made coops or cages for your poultry birds.


Others: You can also use other equipment for a successful poultry housing.