Top 10 Amazing Tips for Making a Chicken House

10 Amazing Tips for Making a Chicken House

10 Amazing Tips for Making a Chicken House


Chicken farming business is a profitable business in the world. If you want to make your own chicken house, you will feel a little scared. Actually, if you have a few basic woodworking skills with patience, you will be able to make a chicken house very easily. In this article, I would like to discuss the top 10 amazing tips for making a chicken house. The tips are as follows-

Taking Your Time

You have to take a lot of time for making a chicken house. In this case, you have to remain relaxed with the flow.

Thinking Help from Other Sources

If you are very new in woodworking and DIY, you can take help from a book or online that describes the steps of making a chicken house. You can take it as a recipe for a curry.

Never Think of Overbuilding

Your chicken house will need a solid floor for keep raccoons and other predators out unless you use another way such as electric net fencing that would be strong. But it will not be Fort Knox. You have to remember that you have to completely cover in chicken poop within a month or two by it.

Writing or Drawing the Plans if these are yours

If you are a naturally gifted carpenter without reading skills, you have to write or draw the plans that you are going to design. This thing will help you when you will be interrupted at making a chicken house.

Using Recycled Materials

If you want to make a house a coop with a cheap rate, you have to use the recycled materials. But you have to ensure that these materials are free from rotting wood or low-quality. If you are a fresher, you will get frustrated quickly. So, you have to think of recycled materials aptly and minutely.

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Considering the Size of Your Chicken House

At the time of making a chicken house, you have to think of the size of your chicken house so that the chicken can move without a barrier. You can make size depending on the season.

Providing Them Ample of Roosting Space

Chickens always like to take roost when they get the chance on woodpiles, the tops of their jars or feeders, the roof of their house. So, you have to make roosting poles which are two to three feet off the ground because chickens do not prefer to stay at the low place. You have to think at least six to ten inches of roosting space per chicken. If you use the roosting poles of four feet high, the chickens will require a way for getting up to them.

Making Cozy Nesting Boxes

You have to use one nest box so that every four to five hens can stay at a time. In this case, you have to ensure a couple of feet off the ground. You have to think of a way to enter the nest boxes from outside the coop for easy egg collecting.

Taking Decision of Movable Chicken House or Fixed House

You have to make a decision whether you would make a moveable or fixed chicken house. A moveable chicken house would be small and light. You could move the chickens for pasturing them on fresh grass. Besides, you can use a larger movable chicken house through which you will move your chicken to a new ground three or four times a year. A completely fixed house cannot be changed as it will be used several times a year. Actually, your decision will depend on your chosen management method.

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Making Easy Entrance to Clean Chicken House

You have to make a full-sized door to enter the house. The door is the mail key for entering the fixed house. This door will permit a human to enter and clean the house easily without any barrier.

In concluding, I would like to say you if you want to make your chicken house, try to follow these 10 tips perfectly for reaching your expected destination.