Top 10 Bachelor Degrees in the UK

10 Best Bachelor Degrees in the UK

Top 10 Bachelor Degrees in the UK

You should have a sense of the kind of returns you can get on your investment when you’re going to invest about four years of your life. Also, keep in mind about the expenses, which are around ten thousand pounds and sometimes more of it. That’s why you have to choose the right bachelor degrees in the UK. The latest data reports that engineers tend to see some of the biggest returns in the bachelor course. But, don’t fret if don’t want to go into engineering or if you don’t have the essential grades. You’ll also find so many courses that require no more grade and they can bring the high-paying jobs as well.

What are the Top 10 Bachelor Degrees in the UK?

When you’re choosing which subject to study at university, you have to remember one thing. You must choose the course that you would be happy to study in-depth for the next few years and that’s something you enjoy. Here, you can consider the subjects you enjoy the most at the school level. And then find out some similar courses at university to study. Now, let’s see what the top 10 bachelor degrees in the UK below.

1. Financial Planning

There will always be a need for personal financial advisors because we all have to deal with money. This is the reason for choosing to pursue a degree in this field. Moreover, it’s choosing to take things a step further by becoming a CFP, or Certified Financial Planner of a higher percentage of them. This degree will pay off for many of them. A report says that the job openings for financial advisors could increase by up to 27% by 2022 or it earlier. Also, its annual mean wages are high as well. A personal financial advisor is making £60,000 or more.

2. Geography Degree

Because there are so few people in this field, to begin with, so you don’t typically hear about geography as a growing profession. A report says that only 1,700 geographers were employed in the last five years. But, students could find themselves in high demand in the coming years who earn a geography degree this time. This is because employment in this field expects to increase up to 29% in the next 10 years. Also, they get the healthy wages and that is about the mean annual £50,000 or high. There are three top sectors for the geographers that pay the highest annual rates. These include Development Services, Federal Executive Branch, Management, Scientific, and Technical, and Consulting Services.

3. Healthcare Administration

The healthcare industry is booming, and any type of job within the industry is likely to be a good bet without any doubt. But, as it’s growing a little faster than the rest, and one of those happens to be healthcare administration, the certain health care careers are expected. Employment for healthcare administrators is also known as medical and health services managers. That expects to increase by 23% during the decade leading up to 2022 when another 73,300 jobs will add. So, salaries remain relatively high as well along with all the demand.

4. Medical Studies

Other than the most of the major UK based bachelor degrees, medicine degree is probably more attractive and high- paying. It comprises the large amount of fact while studying medicine. Also, it’ll be higher than most people studying other subjects that the amount of information you’d have to grasp. You’ll move on to direct observations calls clinical after the course studies. It means that you’ll study actual patients and involves working in hospitals. You’d have to go for a one-year internship after you finish MBBS which will last for 4 years or more. When many of your friends would have been in their jobs for a couple of years you’d still be studying. This is because of a long-term course.

5. Civil Engineering

It’s not to mention the existing ones that need to repair or maintain bridges, buildings, airports, and dams because of the population growth and cities expand. Here come in the civil engineering course in work. It’s the prediction that employment for civil engineers will increase 20% from 2012 to 2022 because of the nation’s aging infrastructure and the many new projects expected to break ground across the country in the coming years. In this sector, the annual mean wage is £70,000. Oil and Gas Extraction is paying the highest annual mean wages to civil engineers.

6. Petroleum Engineering

The UK energy production is booming again. Petroleum engineers will come up with strategies to find the rest of the oil and bring it to the market as we use up the earth’s limitation of supply of oil. Students who earn a degree in petroleum engineering will likely to reward for their expertise because finding and extracting oil becomes a more complex process with each passing year. By 2022, the employment for petroleum engineers will grow up to 26%, which is a prediction. As it has a high demand for this career, it’ll lead high wages as well. It’s about £110,000 the mean wage for the petroleum engineers.

7. Biomedical Engineering

Professionals who understand both disciplines should be in high demand with the prevalence of technology in modern medicine. If they earn a degree in biomedical engineering, they have a chance into a field with plenty of opportunities and historically high wages. Also, it’s not going to change very soon for these professionals. By 2022, employment for biomedical engineers will increase by 27%. Moreover, their annual mean wages are up to £70,000 where the top 10% earns about £125,000. There are top 3 industries that paid biomedical engineers the most. These include Specialized Design Services, Offices of Physicians, and Scientific Research and Development Services.

8. Computer Science

Computer science and programming has been heralded as the career of the future in our country, and around the world for years. It’s still very much the case while the industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two decades. Luckily, if you want to gain an in-depth understanding of computers, software, and coding, it’s not too late for you to get in on the ground floor of next-generation computer science. But, it expects to take off over the coming decade of the careers that need a computer science degree. A computer science degree holder is making £65,000 or more.

9. Architecture Degree

Another in the top of the bachelor degrees in the UK is architecture degree. After completing the course a student may get a good salary job. There is the average salary for Architect jobs is £77,500 per year. The average salary for Architect jobs rose by £3,635 (15%) in June 2018.

10. Law

With many focusing on particular areas at postgraduate level, 89.9% of law students found employment or move on to further studies within six months of graduating. So, the law is remaining one of the most popular subjects to study in the UK in these recent years.

These are about the top 10 bachelor degrees in the UK but not all. There are so many different types of the bachelor degree in the UK. You can choose one according to your grade and ability. So, get your goal reality and be successful with a great career in life!