Top 10 Beautiful Places in Bangladesh

Top 10 Beautiful Places in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a beautiful country with beautiful natural attractions. Countries where both the sea and the mountains there. There are thousands of natural attractions. However, we visited the beautiful places in the top ten. We believe that this will help in your spare time when you visit this place. Now, with a list of the best places to see exciting interesting nature tourism.
Cox’s Bazar


Cox’s Bazar, the longest beach in Bangladesh, is the natural beauty. Then you can enjoy the sound of the sea in the city. There are more interesting places Cox’s Bazar. Teknaf, Dulahazra Safari Park, Inani Beach, Mahesh vinegary, Himchori, Kutubdia beautiful natural environment.

Saint Martin’s


A beautiful natural environment in St. Martins. This is a great attraction for tourists. People in the country and abroad visit this beautiful tourist site by thousands of people every day. An island surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. There are also many of the coral reefs and atolls, is known to be a kind of algae.

Pandraban, Bangladesh and parts of the new attractions. Previously, the lack of opportunities for some
the audience ignored them. But times have changed. The Bangladeshi government has decided to do something useful and beautiful tourist attraction to the public also provided. It’s just down the Rangamati hill district. Tajindong, Keokradong, Nilgri, Nilachala, Lake Boga, mountain resorts Chimbuk, etc. beautiful tourist sites in Pandraban cloudy


This amazing natural attractions in the area of Bangladesh. Many beautiful places there are tourists and nature fans can take heart. The song Banbihar Temple, Manikchori, Alutila, Dighinela, Ramjarb and the best tourist destination Khagrachari.


Last natural beautiful place in Bangladesh. In order to ship in the red earth, and the name of the region Rangamati. This is natural, because Subhalang Capital Hill, Lake, Suspension Bridge, PEDA Ting Ting, the village of environmentally friendly, and monuments. Thousands of tourists visit this beautiful place; just enjoy the natural beauty of the god gifted.

Sundarbans, the largest forest in the world is for people who love wildlife in the mangrove forests, as well as the best tourist destination. This is a natural attraction main attraction. Royal Bengal Tiger in the country. The only considered the world’s largest natural forest in the woods. Chitra Horin also sees the largest mangrove forest in the particular type of deer.

It is the largest shopping mall in the coastal city in Bangladesh. You can enjoy especially some of the most beautiful spots. Potenga beach, lobby, Lake, Echo Park Banshkhali, Sitakunda in Chittagong, including environmental theme park.

Bangladesh is a natural beauty. Many of the largest tea Hill Farms are shown here. Is another hill district of Bangladesh. Madhabkunda waterfall, Jaflong nicest spots. Here you can visit some of the museums.


Kuakata in the same place where you can watch the sunrise and sunset. It is located in Patuakhali. It is located on the edge of the Bay of Bengal. There are 18 kilometers of the largest beaches and its beautiful beach.

It is actually agricultural areas in Bangladesh, known to have a wide attraction. There is Hoar about 100 square kilometers of swamps and the types of information technology. During the winter, a good price for the birds strange presentation.