Top 10 Best Private Universities in Bangladesh 2018 Ranking

Top 10 Best Private Universities in Bangladesh 2018 Ranking


Have you tried your best in all public universities yet you could not manage to get a seat in any of the public universities? And now you are looking for a good private university that is going to help you build you a decent career? Well, if that is the case then this article is going to help you determine which university is good for you.


BRAC is known as the best private university in Bangladesh. It is located in Mohakhali, Dhaka. BRAC’s tuition fees are a bit higher than all the other private universities. BRAC is accredited by IEB and many other universities in USA, Canada etc. The unique thing about BRAC is it is going to take you to tarmac which is in Savar. You have stayed in track for three months, complete one semester.

Students simply love the adventure! BRAC’s campus is a bit small but it’s all worth it given the fact that BRAC is giving you the best faculties and a settled career.


2. North South University

North South University is the first private university in Bangladesh. It is situated in Bashundhara, Dhaka. No university can ever beat North South’s campus. It has a huge campus with the best facilities. Faculties choose North South because of its academic success. There over 25 000 students in North South.It is also accredited by IEB, UGC, and many other universities in the USA, Canada etc. North South is famous for its BBA department, other departments are no less in any way. Tuition fees in North South are quite high.

3. Independent University of Bangladesh

The Independent University of Bangladesh commonly known as IUB. It was once known as neighbor of North South, but today it is competing with North South shoulder to shoulder. IUB is no less than North South. IUB have the best faculties. Students of IUB are using their semesters. IUB offers tons of scholarships and hence most students choose IUB over NSU. IUB is accredited by IEB. It is situated in Bashundhara beside North South University.


4. East West University


East West University commonly known as EWU is located in Aftabnagar, Dhaka. East west has a beautiful campus and good faculties. Students are hard-working. East West gives you lots of scholarship, one of the main reason students choose East West. You can have the great campus and academic life at East West University.

East West University – Top 10 Best Private Universities in Bangladesh 2018 Ranking


AUST is short for Ahsahnullah University of Science and Technology. AUST is famous for its engineering department. It is situated in Tejgao, Dhaka. AUST has the beautiful campus. AUST’s students are competing with BUET’s students. You have to have good grades to get into AUST. They have the best faculties for the engineering department. You can a busy student life in AUST.


AIUB stands for the American International University of Bangladesh. AIUB has opened its new campus in Bashundhara, which is beautifully decorated. AIUB is famous for its engineering department. Other departments are also growing at a steady rate. AIUB’s students are hard-working and talented. Even if you get into AIUB if have to keep a good CGPA to stay away from probation.

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7. United International University

United International University also known as UIU is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. But news says that UIU is soon going to shift their campus to Badda, Dhaka. The new campus of UIU is huge filled with greenery. UIU is growing at a rapid rate. Students of UIU are doing outstanding results. UIU is famous for its BBA and engineering department. UIU is accredited by IEB. UIU provides the scholarship for students who attain CGPA higher than 3. UIU will give you a busy academic life.


ULAB is short for University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. It is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. ULAB is famous for its media and journalism department. Students who live in old Dhaka or Dhanmondi choose ULAB because of the traveling hassle. ULAB provides a good scholarship. ULAB is doing way better than it used to do three years back.

9. University of Asia Pacific

The University of Asia Pacific commonly known as UAP is situated in Farmgate, Dhaka. UAP has a big campus. It is famous for its pharmaceutical department. Students of UAP have to work hard in order to maintain a good CGPA. UAP’s pharmaceutical department is competing with NSU’s pharmaceutical department.


10. Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University is situated in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Daffodil today is doing amazing result than it used to do. Students became more competitive. Daffodil’s main campus is quite big and enjoyable.