Top 10 Home Based Business Opportunities in India for 2019

Home Based Business Opportunities in India for 2019

Top 10 home based business opportunities in India for 2019

List of Home Based Business Opportunities in India for 2019. Are you bored in 2019 to stay at home for long times at home? Or are you not able to go out to do business? Don’t be upset or bored upon it. If you are not permitted to go out or if you have difficulties to go out for doing business, it never means that you are not able to do any business.

Especially in India, it is a very common problem for women to do business or job outside of a house. You can do business from your home. There are so many business ideas are available as named home based business If you have qualification and dedication you can do home based business.

A home based business also become very famous, established business also like other business.

It can be profitable. Before starting a home based business you need to have knowledge which types of business you can do as a home-based business? Here I present top 10 home based business opportunities in India for 2019. The home based business ideas are as follows:

  1. Online business
  2. Parlor
  3. Boutique shop
  4. Food catering
  5. Home delivery
  6. Handicrafts business
  7. Painting business
  8. Training business
  9. Home tutor
  10. Blogger

All of the ideas are given are designed as home based business ideas. Because all of the above business you do from your home. Your loyalty and dedication can make it more profitable than any other business or job. Any of it can be your main occupation also. In some details are adding about those home based business ideas are described as below.


Online business is the idle business idea of home based business. It can be compared with any other business. You need not to go out so much for doing this business.

You need not any shop or decoration or anything else like real shop though it is a virtual shop. You just need your product to sell and the internet.

Make a website and put your product’s picture on this. Customer will find you to buy your products.


You may not find a single girl who need not go to parlor for their beauty care. The parlor is a very profitable business.

If you have knowledge of parlor work, you may open a parlor n your home. Or if you do not have enough space on your home you can do business as freelancing beautician. If you are good at makeup then post your makeup video on online to inform people about your qualities.


In India, a boutique shop is a very common and famous profitable business idea. You can open a boutique shop on your home. It may demand one or two room. In the first phase it may run through locally but by the time it has a chance to do good profit.

Indian women are very good and famous for their food making efficiency. On the other side, many working women or people need food for their festival or occasion. The food catering business is a wise solution to it.

So, if you want to a home based business you can do food catering business. Many men are also nowadays doing this business very well.


Indian people love to eat homemade food. And for their busy schedule, they are not always able to make food on home.

For this purpose, they are depending on home delivery food. Home delivery food .business is a nice home based business idea that you can do very easily


Indian people are very good at making handy craft products. Not only Indian but also foreigners love to collect Indian handy craft products. If you know to make it, you can do handicrafts business.

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If you are good at painting you can sell your painting piece from your home. Or you can train others on your home as painting business.


If you have efficiency on any particular issue or subject you can start training courses on your home. Training business is a profitable business with less investment.


A home tutor is such kind of business which demands zero investment. If you are good at teaching and do not want to do any business for the full time, you can do home tutor business. This business is like coaching business and training business together.

this is a smart and intellectual home based business idea. Blogger earns enough money from their business like any other business.

You can do it as freelancer blogger or having your own website. It is a vast sector of doing business. You are being expert of it by doing this day by day. It is such a nice and profitable and best home based business idea for India in 2019.