Top 10 Jobs for Fresher in Bangladesh

10 Jobs for Fresher in Bangladesh

Top 10 Jobs for Fresher in Bangladesh

Are you looking for best jobs opportunities in Bangladesh? Finding good jobs for fresher that pays well and has solid career prospects are the biggest aim and fear for many college graduates. According to the recent grad, some career paths are going to be more beneficial and open.

Along with the top two on the list, almost half of the careers in the top 10 dealt with computers and technology. But, you may be wondering whether your profession or your dream job comes under these or not. Each and every being expects a well-paid position after completing their degrees.

But, somehow it’s tough to get a job as a fresher in Bangladesh. So, the million dollar question is that what makes them eligible for a good job. It would be their qualification, institute, and the attitude & aptitude of the aspirant as the answer to the question.

An Overview of Jobs for Fresher in Bangladesh

When you complete your degree course you may in an urgent need for a job if you’re living in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi or Sylhet and another large metropolitan city of Bangladesh. Because they do not have any experience, no one likes to give a job to fresher. Although it may sound like something other, the jobs for freshers are much important to gather experience.

But, the fresher who gets a job in some high-profile company, they are multitalented and all fresher are not so though. So, it’s the current question what the jobs that are suitable for the fresher who has come out of college recently. In this content, we’ll try to find out top 10 jobs for fresher that absolutely suit them.

What are the Top 10 Jobs for Fresher in Bangladesh?

As a worthy thing doesn’t come easy, the jobs for freshers are same. It looks like a dream to get a job as a fresher. But, things are not the same as always. If you change your target that’s rigid as a stone, you’ll find a new world where you’ll get some new changes as well. Well, let’s know top 10 jobs for fresher in Bangladesh.

1. Freelance Writer

You can become a freelance writer, which is as same as blogging. Although you can do this job with the options of online and offline, it’s more available online. You could start making money with freelance writing if you have a passion for writing. According to the given orders, you have to write. There is a chance to make money from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month when you’ll work actively.

2. Blogging

You have a great chance to become a blogger if you live in a metropolitan. The best thing about this job is that Google does not ask for any particular qualification to become a blogger.

However, you could become a successful blogger with Google if you like to write. Currently, there are many successful bloggers in Bangladesh. By just working from their home, they’re making enough money.

3. Receptionist

Women have a great chance to become a receptionist; this job is specifically targeted at women. It’s a great chance for fresher because every new company or upcoming business needs a receptionist. You’re fit for this job if you are presentable and have good communication skill. The good thing is about the job is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a graduate or undergraduate for this job.

4. Data Entry Operator

Although it’s a very familiar job, it’s very apt for a fresher. Also, the jobs of data entry operators are very high in demand in the marketplaces and companies. As every company wants them to feed data into their database, you need to have a typing speed of 40 words per minute (wpm) to 50 wpm. You can apply for this job either you’re a graduate or undergraduate.

5. Sales Executive

Sales executive job is not only a very good known job but it fits with a fresher as well. You can be a sales executive if you can talk to customer’s face to face and convince him for a product. Because you’ll be talking face to face with a customer, you don’t have to talk on the phone. With the good knowledge of the product that you’re asked to sell, good communication skill is also required.

6. Tele Marketer

You could choose to do a Telemarketing job as a fresher. As you have to call people and educate them about a particular product, this is a very easy job. It’s the job where you might have received phone calls from Telemarketers where they sell phone packages etc. as this job is very easy to do, the students with less educational qualification can also join. Depending upon your performance, the salary of this job is quite modest.

7. HR Manager or Consultancy Services

This is a demanding job for fresher that many young people dream. Although the HR manager or Human resource has to recruit fresher or candidates, it means a fresher has to recruit another fresher. You could start working as HR manager if you have a consultancy background other than you can’t do it. Actually, we’re talking about a consultancy job to consult a person in order to make money. From real estate to jobs, a consultancy service could be anything.

8. SEO Expert

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the job is online based that relates to the internet. As the SEO jobs are bit technical, it’s for fresher with an engineering background. But, nowadays, many people are working as an SEO expert without an engineering degree. Because it’s very easy to do it and you can make good money from it, we’re suggesting this particular job.

9. Voice/Non-Voice CSR

Customer Support Representative is called CSR in short form and it’s suitable for the fresher. The job comes with the feature that you have to sell or educate about a given product to customers around the world.

For example, chances are likely to talk to customers living in the USA or UK. So, when you’re dialing outside the country, your English must be good. And it’s the communication skills, which is the basic skill that you need for voice process. You don’t talk to customers but you send emails and support them while in Non-Voice process. Because they are high on demand, graduates or fresher can apply for this job.

10. Voice/Non-Voice Technical CSR

Although this job is as same as the previous one, it’s technical. That’s why we can that previous one was not technical. The job relates to customers’ technical problems and it might be related to software or hardware service, networking etc.