Top 10 Places You can Visit in Chittagong

Top 10 Places You Can Visit in Chittagong


Top 10 Places you can visit in Port city of Bangladesh. Chittagong is a port city and commercial capital of Bangladesh. It has a lot of place to visit. Hill and river attach an awesome and wonderful visual beauty. It’s totally impossible to visit these places for anyone if they visited once. Chittagong can be called as a piece of heaven for its natural beauty.


Naval- Beach

This place is one of my favorite. This place is really a beautiful place to locate a copy of the bees to your mood.  If you are angry, and you will have some moments that changed the mood. ‘Piyajus “and” crab “, which is available for tourist.


Foys Lake

I do not miss this awesome place when I get time and I went to Center. It is strongly recommended to Chittagong. It has a great natural view to attract tourist.


Patenga Beach
Patenga Beach is one of the most famous and recommended place to visit. It is called as mini creature of   Cox’s Bazar. Boat riding, Horse riding, small market, Curl market are mostly seen there.

Karnaphuli River

I often go to a place where I used to live in the Chittagong If I can manage time. I love the scene of the boat. The natural viewof this river has know no bound. I will definitely visit the place again if possible. Many of people’s livelihoods are depend on this river. It has also a big source of fish assets.

War Cemetery in Chittagong

This place is in the city of Chittagong in the middle and it gives  us the idea of World War 2. It has More or less known historical past of this place .it has some  security issue and the view are something about all the trees .one can  walking all over the area.


Butterfly Park

this spot is a great place for tourist and more than 5 spices with expect to the general butterfly. There is a Restaurant to eat very well. It is situated near the   naval beach and Chittagong airport.

 Chittagong Zoo

Younger’s mainly wanted to visit this Beautiful zoo, but requires some care. Good management can change this situation. The government will raise their hands to solve the problem of the zoo.

I visited this park when you hang around for a while. The park is very densely populated and very poor for the benefit of the traveler.

Lake Boga

It is a place for the kind of pit stop before the climb to the top Keokradong hilltop. You walk / hike, but it’s really worth it. This is a great place to visit.