Top 10 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Agriculture has taken a noticeable place in any country’s economy. The demand for agricultural products will always be increasing as food is the main ingredient of man. As a result, as an enthusiastic entrepreneur, you can start agriculture business for becoming wealthy.

A young entrepreneur chooses agriculture business for various reasons. I will discuss 10 top profitable agriculture business ideas that will give you an idea of what I mean. The ideas are as follows.

Poultry Feed Production

Feed is the main element of poultry business because it is mandatory for chicken’s growing. You can start this business and supply feed to your near poultry farms. You have to know a lot regarding poultry farming and feeds. You can take help from the people who are already involved in this business that will reduce your mistakes in this business.

Poultry Farming – Hatcheries

Because of the demand of increasing chicken, the poultry farmers book hatcheries. It is an opportunity for many people to start this business as in poultry farming, all processes are not involved in every farm.

Poultry equipment manufacturing

These are many trained people who can make various equipment needed for poultry farm – welders, carpenters, electricians etc. You can take help from them for the poultry equipment and then you can run this profitable business.

Chicken and egg distribution business

This business is very lucrative and needs a little amount of money to run. This business actually fills up the gap between poultry farmers and the consumer market. You can give attention merely on chicken, eggs or both. You have to contact the poultry farmers, buy their stocks and resell them in the market to the wholesalers and retailers. You will not require any special skills, only you should have marketing abilities and a working vehicle.

Fresh vegetable business

You can begin fresh vegetable business with the little amount of money or no capital base as it is a small-scale business. This business has one benefit that it does not have any cost of maintenance to start the business. Besides, fresh leafy vegetables have always demand. For example; the Waterleaf, Scent Leaf, Cauliflower, and Cabbage etc.

You can choose a small place in your compound or nearby farm where you can grow the vegetables to run this business. You only have to plant the stem of the vegetable to cultivate.   It will require six weeks or less for the vegetables to be matured for harvesting. Then, you will cut the leaves and sell these to consumers and dealers.

Cucumber Farming Business

The 14th most planted vegetable in the world is cucumbers. Many people prefer them because they are juicy and nutritious. Besides, they have many health benefits.

Cucumber cultivation is a very profitable business. You can go to the entrepreneurs who are already running the business. So, it is right time to start the business.

Catfish Farming

Catfish is a type of fish enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids that helps to control the cholesterol level of the human body.

This fish has many health benefits to the health-conscious eaters especially the people having above the age of forty.  This food is very popular in restaurants, fast food joints, hotels, food courts, local pepper soup joints, market women, the secondary and tertiary institution of learning and offices are possible markets for any young entrepreneur to run this business.

The profit of catfish farming relies on how much you will invest as an enthusiastic entrepreneur.

You can also run on feeds business for the fish with catfish farming. This is another profitable side in the fish business. Before starting this business you can visit a successful catfish farm and see things firsthand.

Snail Farming

Snail farming is neglected by young entrepreneurs. Snails have many benefits. People use snails for various purposes and it is meat is used for duck farming. You can get a source of small snails either from villages or from snail farmers.  You have to rear the snails for a fixed time and sell for profits in the market.

Flower Business

Because of the flower is a symbol of love. It is used for any type of decoration. You can run a flower business in a nursery, then you can sell them to house owners and hotel owners. You can take an extra cost to the buyer if you transplant the flower from the nursery to the permanent soil.

Rice Farming Business

Indeed, rice farming is a very useful business in the whole world. Every day millions of people consume rice. As there is a market hungry and the people are willing to pay for your product.