Top 10 Small Business Opportunity in Philippines

Small Business Opportunity in Philippines

Best Business Opportunity.Like other country Philippines has a great problem of unemployment. This problem  can be often solved by the opportunity of business. Small Business opportunity not only get chance to change one’s fate rather. It can make a revolutionary change of this country’s economy. Only a perfect business opportunity is the main and most important media to progress.

This blog is all about most viral and top 10 business opportunity in Philippines according to Philippines accommodation.

Business Opportunity in Philippines

  1. Marketing business on the Internet 
    Online sales sell online may not be a geek. Many online classifieds and auction sites is that you can use for free. If you’re shopping online, because there are many sites that offer sites for sale, as I said before you send your articles to create a Web site for free e-commerce, there is no need to be created. But if you are really serious and expertise to create an e-commerce site, it is better. You can also hire a web developer, if you have the budget.

2) Aerial photography 
If you love taking pictures, why professional level equation to go out and buy a digital SLR camera? In addition, it takes a snapshot requires good preparation and must be a genius. There are several ways to help. Weddings, anniversaries and other occasions do not forget. You can also enhance your photos to the computer, creating the need for image editing. If you really want to raise the level of the highest level, aerial photography, why not try? An aerial view of the low cost of the technology and terminology. If you have a real problem of the plane or helicopter, which simply requires the employment of hundreds of thousands of pesos do not shoot the eyes of birds.
3) Retail rice 
Since rice is the staple food of our need, not even rice Filipinos difficult to buy. Do not eat rice every Filipino, if only one child and lives in Canada or the United States, the main bread from your diet. Or remote province, where people cannot afford the staple crops, such as sweet potatoes, corn or cassava, as you enter the village life.
4) Pandesal business idea
I would like to create a business and bakeries, but I think it sold pandesal. So why pandesal only? Pandesal just eat bread for breakfast, the second main ingredient food rice. Snack or can be eaten as a snack. You have created a bakery; you can focus on products that you do not have to learn a variety of breads and pastries. But just to make sure that the quality and taste of their pedestal bread and the quality of people do not sell for a profit.


5) The purchase of the food industry 

Many of the Filipinos are very interested in this matter is that the majority of them, if they hear or see the dining car, you have to think, “franchise”, in particular. But now I think, why did not you hear about a franchise fast-food restaurants, which are known or not? Many food basket, perception is wrong to say that such food basket innocent without paying royalties, but buying a very low price of food franchise fast food, telling them not to be popular or well-known.
6)The butcher business
Butcher shops on a large scale in the live markets. Are you ready for a lot of meat and can be combined with trade between retailers, but I think that this is far from the wet markets, where there is less competition. There is no place to store meat, but of course we could have enough foot traffic.
7) Road side Food court
The most popular food in the gut or fried Philippine I saw street. There are many types of food companies in the popular street. Fish balls, and cheese sticks, fried squid balls, chicken balls, you can buy products in small groups. Street other food before cooking charcoal that you have your own process.
8) Shoes and bags Repair
There are many shoes and bags version of China’s low-price designer. Bag copy and almost everyone can afford a small fraction of the original price. However, easily damaged due to the poor quality of these products and it is a waste of money if they lost. So easy option is to go to the repair shop.
9) Laundry and dry – cleaning

It is not possible all the time that women of house wives are capable to wash and take take proper treatment of cloths. They often use to send those clothes to laundry.

Some clothing or blankets, which should not be dry, cleaned in a regular washing machine, clothes or bedding can be washed, you have a clothing store.

10) The purchase of fruits and vegetables
These elements is one of the basic needs of survival and good health. For rice, the basic food items from our side, people need to eat fruits and vegetables.