Top 10 UK Friendly Cities for Foreign Students

UK Friendly Cities for Foreign Students

Top 10 UK Friendly Cities for Foreign Students

You’re here because you’re looking for the UK friendly cities to study as a foreign student. This is a significant part before off getting an admission to any top UK university.

That’s why you better have a good look at a list of the most student-friendly cities in the UK if you’re looking for a fulfilling study experience along with a memorable student life. Then, select the most appealing one and also considering the costs.

There are top spots in London in the first five and the remaining other fives are from other part or come back in the list again. There are numbers of the parameter, such as rankings, students mix, employer activity etc assessed in the Best Student Cities Index.

Things to Consider of the UK Friendly Cities for Foreign Students

Besides, of the city rankings, the historic heritage, the UK lifestyle, teaching methods, and the landscape of most of the study destinations may enchant you.

Besides, some of these places have, and you will find the UK can give you one of the best study experiences in 2018 if you add to this the international environment. But, before going to study in top cities in the UK a few things you should know.

The first thing is to know “what makes the UK unique for the students of foreign?” Among other points, you can think about the living costs of the cities etc. besides, you can think of various career opportunities when you’ll complete your degree. This one is at the top of the considerations because after completing your degree, you must do something good.

What is the Top 10 UK Friendly Cities for Foreign Students?

In this concern, UK ranks next with 10 cities, when it comes to the QS Best Student Cities 2018 after the USA. So, when it comes to foreign education the UK has performed well in the above and one of the prime reasons for it being popular is because of its affordability.

Every year it welcomes thousands of students from all corners of the world because the UK is a friendly nation. Moreover, you have a good chance to get good English skills when living with English people. Now, let’s see what the top 10 UK friendly cities are most suitable for the foreign students.

1. London

One of the best and leading on the list is London, the UK’s capital city, which is the top in the UK friendly cities for the students of the outside of the UK. Because it’s offering a high quality of life, it’s the best ranking out of all of the best UK cities for students.

It not only has several great universities and colleges but receives a high score in the ‘student mix’ category as well.

The prestigious King’s College, Imperial College, and LSE are a few among them. The issue of the city is the high costs, but international students determined to come to the UK for this issue.

Besides, it draws students from all over the world because of its huge cultural offerings across London. Moreover, its grand history, libraries, museums, and historic streets made it a truly delightful for the culture enthusiasts.

2. Edinburgh

This is the capital of Scotland and the home to some of the top UK universities in it. Along with huge annual events, it’s rich cultural presentations.

Because of attracting a large student population, the city has established itself as a well-known student center. Besides, there are reputations for excellence in the education system, so it’s proud of its universities and colleges.

Not only colleges and universities but the city are a nice place to stay for the foreign students as well. In the Best Cities Index, this city is ranked 33rd in Scotland.

In spite of slightly higher the average fees for students studying, the city attracts students worldwide. With the 6th highest entry in the UK, the University of Edinburgh is ranked 21st in the QS World University Rankings last year. These all made it one of the top UK Friendly Cities in this list.

3. Manchester

There are numerous cultural attractions along with the world-class universities in the Manchester city. Moreover, Manchester achieves a strong score for ‘student mix’ and it’s located in the North West of England. In the QS World University Rankings, three universities in Manchester were featured last year.

And according to the ranking, the University of Manchester stands at 29th in the world. This is why it’s one the top UK Friendly Cities in our list.

4. Coventry

As there is almost 40% of the student population from outside the UK, Coventry proves to be popular. So, this is the Mecca of the foreign students with the most of the aspects. Moreover, Coventry University is the larger of the two universities in the city with more than 27,000 students.

Also, this is the proof of the strong reputation of its universities because Coventry earns a high rating from graduate employers.

As it’s boasting of theatres, large venues for music, and several art galleries, Coventry is a cultural delight for students.

Also, when it comes to manufacturing and construction the city is a leader. Besides, it earns a very high rating for graduate employers because it’s ranked 44th on the list.

5. Nottingham

Nottingham is another one on our list of the best UK friendly cities for students from other countries.

Its vibrant student mix made it a popular destination in the UK for foreign students. The city is famous for the famous University of Nottingham, which is one of the highest ranked UK universities.

There has one of the youngest populations of any major UK city and it’s a lovely city of culture, nightlife etc. This is why it’s one the top UK Friendly Cities in our list.

6. Leeds

It’s one of the best cities with ample transportation and other communication facilities said by the students studying at Leeds. This is because there are plenty of opportunities for work when you’ll complete your degree. Not only a safe city but it’s comfortable as well. There are no hassles so you can navigate the city easily.

7. Glasgow

When it comes to commerce, academics, culture and research this is a leading hub. Glasgow too hosts a large number of international students like the other popular cities in the UK. Besides, there are some oldest universities in this city.

8. Newcastle

It’s famous for the engineering courses and it has a rich history as well as the city ranked 67th in the Index. In the 19th century, it was an important center for shipping and coal mining. And it’s a great attraction for the global students.

9. Birmingham

It’s the second largest city in the UK with the rank of 66. This is popular for the commercial and financial ventures.

Moreover, there are five Universities in this city. Among the top 350 global universities in the QS World University Rankings, its two are ranked among the top 350 global universities.

10. Brighton

It’s an inclusive city with a large student population, Brighton is vibrant. A substantial number of its students are international, meaning you can meet people from many different walks of life as with other cities in the UK. Also, score in the ranking for the student mix indicator