Top 10 Universities in Bangladesh 2018 ranking

Top 10 Universities in Bangladesh 2018 ranking

Ones we finish high school we get into a dilemma which university to get into. This article is going to help you determine the top 10 universities in Bangladesh. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get down to business.


BUET stands for Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. It is very obvious that BUET is number one university in Bangladesh because only hardworking and talented students get the chance to study there. BUET is a public university, hence if you get chance you do not need to pay a huge a huge amount of the amount any other public university takes.

Getting into BUET is like a dream come true for almost all students. Ones you get in here if you are able to keep a fairly good CGPA, most fields would love to take you in their companies. BUET is well-known worldwide. BUET is situated in Iqbal Road, Dhaka.

2. IBA

IBA stands for Institute of Business Administration. It is situated at Dhaka University Sports Ground. It is a public business school. IBA also takes a few talented and hard-working students. Getting into IBA is not everyone’s cup of tea. Since IBA is a public university, it takes a very few amounts of money. You can get the best faculties in IBA. IBA’s campus is refreshing and old, but students seem to love the authenticity of IBA.

3. University of Dhaka

The University of Dhaka commonly known as DU is said to be the best university in Bangladesh. Not everyone gets the privilege to study there. DU’s campus is huge and filled with greenery. DU is situated in Neelkhet Road. But it has a vast campus starting from Curzon hall up to Iqbal Road.

DU has a lot of departments and each department has its own gigantic campus. If you study in DU you can stay in many hostels/halls like Rokea hall for girls and so on and so forth. Even though it is said that the faculties are good enough, DU still holds the position to be number one in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Universities in Bangladesh – University of Dhaka



KUET stands for Khulna University of Engineering and Technology. The name itself says that KUET is situated in Khulna. It is known as one of the best engineering universities in Bangladesh. KUET is also a public university. KUET’s tuition fees are very low.

Students studying in KUET have to stay in Khulna. KUET provides you with hostels/halls. The campus is huge and pleasant. Getting chance in KUET is pretty tough. KUET will not allow you to do any sort of politics. It is a strict reputed university in Bangladesh.

5. IUT

IUT stands for the Islamic University of Technology. IUT is situated in Gazipur and is known as one of the most competitive universities of Bangladesh. Students studying in IUT has to stay in dorms, provided by IUT. IUT has a vast campus there in Gazipur, which mainly focuses on nature. The best faculties are found in IUT. Also Read – University Ranking in Bangladesh for English Literature

Students living abroad come to Bangladesh to study there. IUT offers modern technology, students work with machinery that are up to date and state of the art. IUT’s tuition fees are quite high, but it also gives many scholarships for the students. IUt is well-known worldwide.

6. Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University is situated in Savar Upazila. It is a public University. Jahangirnagar Univerity is famous for its campus. It has a beautiful campus, students who love nature can try their luck at Jahangirnagar University. Jahangirnagar university’s tuition fees are pretty low. Getting into Jahangirnagar is pretty tough. You have to be hardworking and talented.

7. Chittagong University

Chittagong University is situated in Chittagong. Every day thousands of students travel by shuttle train to get into Chittagong University and students simply love their time spent in the train with their friends. This university is also famous for its beautiful campus filled with greenery. It is a public university and hence the tuition is pretty low. They provide you with various subjects.

Chittagong University – Top 10 Universities in Bangladesh 2018 ranking

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8. BUP

BUP stands for Bangladesh University of Professionals. It is under army associations. BUP is famous for its business department. BUP today is competing with IBA. The students are doing outstanding results. BUP’s campus is quite huge and refreshing. You can get the opportunity to get the faculties if get chance in BUP. BUP’s tuition fees are low even though they are providing you with the best education.


CUET stands for Chittagong University of Engineering and technology. CUET is famous for its huge campus. It is located in Chittagong. It is a public university. It is heard CUET today is competing with BUET. The students are doing great academically. CUET provides you dorms, hall etc. Tuition fees of CUET are pretty low.

10. BRAC

BRAC University is a private university situated in Mohakhali, Dhaka. Brac is known as the best private university of Bangladesh for BBA Brac’s tuition fees are pretty high since it is a private university. Even though getting into BRAC is quite easy but maintaining a good CGPA is tough. Students getting CGPA lower than 2.5 get a probation notice. BRAC takes you TARC with is situated in Savar. You have stayed there for 3 months and complete one semester there. BRAC is known worldwide.