How to Start UK Based Coffee Shop Business with 5 Simple Steps

UK Based Coffee Shop Business with 5 Simple Steps

UK Based Coffee Shop Business with 5 Simple Steps

You can start a UK based coffee shop business is while thinking you can serve up better brew than others. So, follow this bite-size guide when you think about how to start a coffee shop in the UK. This is not only a guide but comes with some tips on opening a coffee shop as well.

As Brits continue to swap lager for lattes the number of coffee shops is set to overtake pubs by 2030. So, there are big opportunities to successfully open a coffee shop business of your own because 2.3 billion cups of coffee being drunk per year in UK coffee shops.

It’s 4% up on 2016 was said on the UK Coffee Report.

This guide takes you through everything you need to get your coffee shop business started to opening a coffee shop.

It’ll describe you from the all-important coffee shop research along with how to manage a coffee shop team as well.

What you’ll find inside the content:

  1. Have a great coffee shop idea
  2. Get some work experience
  3. Choose your coffee shop location
  4. Decide your coffee shop size
  5. Know your food safety

What Will You Learn Reading this UK Based Coffee Shop Business Details?

  • coffee shop startup costs
  • the ideal coffee shop entrepreneur
  • coffee shop ideas: how to be different and be better
  • sourcing coffee shop suppliers and equipment
  • coffee shop regulations
  • coffee shop design and marketing
  • sourcing equipment

Overview of the UK Based Coffee Shop Business

The UK has been catching up to its continental European cousins in embracing café culture over the past couple of decades. This is an explosion in a coffee culture that means it’s a strange sight indeed a high street without a Costa or Starbucks.

Presenting a range of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs with coffee shop ideas the coffee shop industry continues to thrive.

The UK coffee shop business enjoys its biggest period of growth since 2008 that reports by the 2016 research from Mintel.

This means that it reaches a value of £3.4bn in 2016 when the market values at £2.2bn.

Moreover, the sale increases by 10.4% between 2015 and 2016. As the consumers are constantly on the hunt for the intimacy only an independent provider can offer, so coffee shops are big business.

Now, let’s know what UK based coffee shop business requires to kick a startup.

1. Have a great coffee shop idea for the UK Based Coffee Shop Business

As a generic high-street coffee shop, there’s no point trying to make an impact. Afford to undercut you with better prices when the largest chains have that sector of the market well covered.

So, giving consumers a reason to choose your establishment over a generic high-street café by pushing your independent credentials, it’s crucial to develop a unique identity.

The co-founder of the Coffee Republic, Sahar Hashemi consents.  This is Hashemi who grew the coffee shop chain of more than £30m before exiting in 2001’s annual turnover.

After putting herself in the customer’s shoes and trying to find a good coffee bar, he starts the business. She suggested seeing your business through your customer’s eyes and making it all about your customers.

Coffee shop ideas

To offer customers a more ‘homely’ experience than the sterile environs of a Starbucks you may offer a selection of unusual or ethically-sourced brews, cold brews, or provide reading materials or other diversions.

2. Get some work experience

You should spend at least a few weeks if you’ve never worked in a café or coffee shop before. But, when you’re working in one to properly understand running a coffee shop as well as the work that requires getting it offs the ground if not months.

If you want to gain invaluable insider tips on how to make your coffee venture a success you can also use this time. You’ll find many coffee shop owners surprisingly helpful as long as you’re not going to set up in direct competition with them.

3. Choose your coffee shop location

For the UK based coffee shop business, location is a crucial matter. It makes sense to pick a location with high footfall because two-thirds of people buy coffee when they’re on their way somewhere else. As you might decide to move to a more spacious location off the beaten track, it’ll obviously be expensive, though.

This is because you should look to where the largest chains are setting up. By drawing in large amounts of customers these areas will have been carefully selected.

Of course, some of the customers could be pried away in search of an independent choice.

4. Decide your coffee shop size

If you want to set up a kiosk for busy commuters, you can get their caffeine fix. Or, set up a sofa-laden suite in which people can relax and meet with friends or a spacious.

Just keep in mind how many customers you expect to host and what you need when choosing your coffee shop premises.

So, if you want to implement that and of course, the potential costs, some of this may depend on your coffee shop idea. Also, depending on what space and equipment you have to need to make it real.

Here are some rules that’ll guide you for coffee shop size:

  • For a small coffee shop where 15 – 45 people can seat that’s about 500-1000 square feet.
  • For a medium coffee shop where 45 – 100 people can seat that’s about 1000-2000 square feet.
  • And, for a large coffee shop where 100+ people can seat that’s about 2000+ square feet.

5. Know your food safety

You must be keenly aware of the relevant law because with any business where you will serve food and drink to the public. The government body The Food Standards Agency (FSA) regulates food safety in the UK with the slogan of ‘Safer Food, Better Business’.

The key pointers are including cooking, cleaning, chilling, and management along with keeping a food diary and contamination. Moreover, you must learn HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), which is a globally recognized method so that you can identify the preparation process and common food safety hazards.

In addition, you will also need to make sure you have shop insurance to protect your business when you’ve got your coffee shop idea off the ground.

Something more to know…

Although you’re all set with a coffee shop business plan to opening a coffee shop your own. But, before starting a UK based coffee shop business, you have to keep in mind some points are as below:

  • Don’t fear the competition
  • A high margin doesn’t always equal big profits
  • Do something different
  • Quality is everything
  • The right team creates the right atmosphere
  • Be realistic


You’re almost done to set a UK based coffee shop business literally. These 5 simple steps should help you to establish a coffee shop business, but you must keep the quality of your service. So, it’s not a matter of a long time to earn a good amount of money if you follow our guide.