How to Start UK Based Massage Therapy Business

UK Based Massage Therapy Business

How to Start Massage Therapy Business in the UK

Thinking to start UK based massage therapy business of your own? It’s the idea of making something your very own, creating your own employment and taking control over it. Running your own business could become an extremely positive and rewarding experience for you when providing you have enough get-up-and-go and the commitment to see things through. Also, there is a mobile massage therapy business where massage business that goes out to people’s homes, hotels or other such facilities to bring massage therapy to the customers. As it can be just about anywhere, it could be going to senior facilities, a party for weddings, going into companies or offices.

Get the Decision to Start UK Based Massage Therapy Business

In fact, it’s not a big matter that you’ll start hiring an office to start a UK based massage therapy business or it would be a mobile massage therapy business. You have to get a decision on whether you really want to have a mobile massage business. Or, you’re just doing this because you think you can’t rent a space or open an office Also, it works when you hope to eventually have space if you’re doing that just to start out.

Massage Business Plan for the UK Based Massage Therapy Business

UK based massage therapy business plan is as same as other businesses. For this, you have to find out if there is a need for the business in your community performing a market study. Moreover, you can look for a co-housing community or the specific areas in your community. This is because of higher demand for a retirement community in the most areas. Also, you can target large housing development communities with higher priced houses. Besides, you have to figure out what equipment you’ll need for this business. Here is what you need:

  • One Massage Table
  • Carrier of the Massage Table
  • Some Supplies, such as Sheets, pillows, lotions/oils etc
  • A Clock
  • And MP3 Player or another device for music

Get Certificates

You’ll have to be fully qualified before popping a plaque on the wall and you can lease out a room when it comes to UK based massage therapy business matter. Select and complete either a “Diploma of Remedial Massage” or a “Certificate IV in Massage”. You can read more information here about massage courses at “Sage Institute of Massage” if you haven’t already received these. So, consider getting at least one certificate otherwise you can’t be an independent massage therapist anyway.

Be aligned

You’ll find so many different massage associations out there where some of them require certain qualifications to join them.

When you’ll be a member, you’ll get credibility as the registered massage therapist, which is a good thing. Moreover, if you want to get a rebate with HBF and other private health insurance funds there are some associations that will be compulsory to join.

Choose & register a business name

Think carefully as names are important, however, it can be great fun coming up with a business name. It must not be a silly one, so you have to choose easy to remember and catchy enough not to forget.

But, don’t be too clever and avoid choosing unusual spelling, such as “I Massage 4U” or something like this. Just keep in mind, the name must be memorable and real.

This is a relatively easy process when it comes to registering a business name. In case they refuse your first choice, so it’s recommended that you apply with a couple of different name options up your sleeve.

Get registered with several health funds

As they can receive a rebate, many clients may want to claim their message with their health funds. You’ll need to contact each health fund and fill out the appropriate form to apply for a provider number to make this possible. When they are processing the rebates back to your massage clients, you will receive a unique number which the health funds used to identify you when your application is successful. Another profitable business you may like.

Consider a good amount of money and time for marketing

Particularly when you start out, creating a budget for marketing is essential for almost every business. But, you need to be careful in this department and don’t get too excited about throwing money around because we can’t stress enough.

Think it through, read any data on the success of the marketing campaign before you invest in any marketing idea.

For example, see what the readership is if it’s a newspaper ad or online directory. Also, avoid making any mistake of thinking that if you spend more, you’ll get more return. But, it’s not as simple as said.

Get some recommended types of marketing methods that are as below:

A Basic Website: When you are starting out this needn’t be elaborate.

If you want to enable you to literally build a website yourself, there are some fantastic platforms. For example, or is good to work with.

You could always look for someone local that could give you a hand if you do run into trouble.


Social media: In addition to the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account, you must have a local page of Google Plus. You may consider some Facebook ads with Facebook. But, you have to keep track of the results by going slowly and carefully.

As Facebook is 90% entertainment, you must make sure your posts are shareable and entertaining.

Massage business cards & cheap flyers: For local businesses this method works, this may seem old-fashioned though. As Word-of-mouth is great for marketing, you have to go with it.

They can easily share it with their friends when people have your business cards or some type of promotional material in their wallet. Similarly, you can drop cheap flyers around cafes and local businesses.

Rent an affordable commercial space

Keep in mind that you do not need shop frontage if you’re ready to find a property, rather than working from home.

Find parking and public transport nearby and is close to shops is a good idea that’s a good location that is quiet and easy to get.

Also, when it comes to negotiating with your landlord, remember to shop around and don’t be shy.

Furniture for your clinic

You can check out second-hand options first when it comes to tables and other furniture. It may make you surprised. So, you can look at eBay or Gumtree and what deals are going there.

Maintain all your receipts in a safe place

Keep all your receipts filed away neatly and take the stress out of tax time.

You can use clever bookkeeping software like Xero to keep on top of your accounts to keep your bookkeeping expenses down.


You’ll get so many myths for the UK based massage therapy business from co-workers and friends. But, you have to take all with a grain of salt while starting a massage business of your own.

Although running a body massage therapy business isn’t a brain surgery, you have to take it sincerely. Above all, make sure you’re enjoying the service and offer a fantastic service to your clients.