Yoga Center Business Plan – Sample One Page Business Plan

Yoga Center Business Plan

Yoga Center Business Plan – Sample One Page Business Plan

The Yoga center business is one of the profitable business opportunities for young entrepreneurs. A yoga center business is a business centered around providing personal training, fitness instruction, or meditation to those are suffering from mental illness and need some relaxation in their lives. You do not have to be a fitness teacher to start a business in fitness, but an interest in fitness and/or a willingness to adopt a fitness lifestyle is an important part of ensuring your success in the industry.

Investment – Yoga Center Business Plan

Unlike other health clubs like gym, yoga center requires a lot less investment. Yoga centers do not require much equipment, but your employer has to be well trained and experienced. And also the cost of space/store. You either have to rent or buy a center. An average of $90,000 is required to start up this venture.

1. Employees
2. License and permits
3. Register your business
4. Equipment

Business location – Yoga Center Business Plan

Your business location should be in a busy traffic area so that you get noticed. But stay away from competition. You do not want your business to fall before rising.

How to start – Yoga Center Business Plan

Know that by understanding your financial situation will help you adjust membership or drop-in fees, the number of teachers you hire, as well as make other finance-related decisions critical to your success. If numbers aren’t your thing, think of hiring an accountant or bookkeeper your number one priority.

Yoga is an immensely saturated market with studios popping up on nearly every block to accommodate the growing number of practitioners. In the USA alone, there has been a 30 percent increase over the past four years in the number of people practicing yoga. To make sure that your studio gets noticed, you are going to need a solid advertising plan that will help to get the word out.


The Internet has made, spreading the word very easy for us. With many social platforms to choose from everything from Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram and Twitter—as well as Google local listings and paid ads, numerous options are available to you. Also, give away brochures and pamphlets to the passers-by. Organize a grand opening for your yoga center.

Brand identity is the mixture of all the required things that need to be done, and they include your studio’s name, location, logo colors, and quality of service. As the owner, you will undoubtedly be the face of your business, especially at the start. How you posture your brand (via marketing and customer service) will in some capacity become a reflection of you.

And lastly, hire employees. You will need to hire employees who are trained and experienced. Also, keep in mind, you have to pay them a sober amount.

Target market – Yoga Center Business Plan

Yoga is mostly performed by women. Young women and the middle-aged women do yoga. Hence, make sure you are providing them the best services.

Qualification to Start Yoga Center Business

If you are not going to be the yoga instructor, in your yoga center, you do not need a degree to establish this business. However, I would recommend you to be the instructor, this way you can the role model for many women out there. As I mentioned above, you are your own brand identity. You can easily get a degree from a nearby yoga school. The monthly fees for that would cost you around $25 per month. And if this something that you love to do, then being the instructor of your own business would give you more profits.

Advantage – Yoga Center Business Plan

This business lets you follow your passion. This is something you will love to do if this is your passion.

Key to success

In this business key to success is to this provide the best services to your fellow customers. Good behavior, well communication will help to engage more customers.

Possible earnings
$200,000-$300,000 per year.