How Yoga helps Lose weight

Yoga helps Lose weight

Yoga helps Lose weight

Practice of yoga will help you lose weight and make your body fit. However, in order to achieve this goal, and a great way to keep the body wellup.Yoga skills to achieve to maintain the weight loss. This adaptation of your life, and save it with breathing exercises and positions, and stressed less and less depressed. It is able to be going to break the bad habits more aware of the turn, and will also be more flexible and become flexible. There are some steps of Yoga which help to lose weight.

Yoga helps Lose weight : Mountains
Start mounts as Round head high, with the exception of little feet, arms at your sides. Put your hands in the prayer position, lift your chest and roll your shoulders up and down vigorously.

Yoga helps Lose weight :Breathing
Breathing through the nose and above your head and stretch your arm again.

Yoga helps Lose weight : Swan dive
standing in front of the bend, nose and feet scream, if you can put your hands on your feet. If the hamstrings tight to protect the knees back a little curve.

Yoga helps Lose weight  :Stands for half curve
breathing in and on the ground with fingers in the middle of the front leg leaning forward, and the extension of the spine, focused, and look forward.

Plank Pose
Protector exhale, and stand on their feet in slab form, the right arm with your shoulders back and legs reach the ground. Your back should be flat and basic commitment. Hold for two seconds, then move the snake, and lower your body toward the ground. Then, from A to Z in the chest and chin, keeping your elbows bent on either side of the chest and feet on the ground.

Cobra poses
if you push down with your hands as you can without straining to lift your head and shoulders and the upper part of the body to the soul. This is provision of cobra. Look at the shoulders and elbows, and maintain the role. Access to their knees and hips, to prevent the appearance of the carpet.

Dog facing the landing
breathing face as down dogs.  A little more than shoulder width and go hand forward, fingers extended stability. Then bend your fingers, push the hips until your body, maximum, in the form of a triangle. Make sure the neck and shoulders relaxed and focused release. Tight hamstrings, keep your knees slightly bent. Take five deep breaths.

Forward Bend
Inhalation on one foot and then the other side must go forward. Then inhale the next curve.

Inhale and reach your arms and back. And make more breathing.

Standing position
Crank is the starting point. And keep your arm good position and all your body stand as like standing position.